Holzman Iron Studio is a Philadelphia-based team of artists and designers led by a noted blacksmith and visual artist. Custom architectural ironwork, public art, and sculpture are created in our unique fabrication environment, combining Old World craftsmanship with the latest in technology.

March 24 | @ironstudio
Spent the afternoon on this anxiety repousse. Gonna try and get back to some paying work tomorrow. #ironstudio #repousse #brass #shutdown #anxiety
March 17 | @ironstudio
Experimental run with some forged 464 brass cap rail for a #wip. Designed to have a recess for the subrail like commercial cap to help hide any minor gaps between cap and sub. Dies were also made with a flash gutter with the intention of trimming the flash in the vertical saw. Starting stock size is 2 round. Shown is the die set in the hammer, a steel test run showing top and bottom with flash and then the brass run cleaned up. Happy with the results. . . . #ironstudio #dieforging #shelteringinplace
March 13 | @ironstudio
How sausage gets made. #ironstudio
March 08 | @ironstudio
Its official, No Laughing Matter will debut this summer in Houston TX! Im looking forward to sharing its progress and process here. . . . . #ironstudio #sculpture #installation
March 05 | @ironstudio
#tbt The 1995 Studio Assistants at Peters Valley Craft Center. Almost everyone in this picture is still making in their related media. Amazing! . . . . . #crafteducation #ironstudio #quartercentury #artist #throwbackthursday
March 04 | @ironstudio
Half a degree of taper over twenty for inches. I think this is something a machinist should do? #ironstudio #lightlyforged #blacksmithingisstupid


Iron Studio’s capable team of artisans — armed with all of the essential tools in our well-equipped facilities — can expertly handle any project from design to fabrication and installation. Providing a unique mix of architectural ironwork, public art, sculpture, and retail, Iron Studio is the most experienced and skilled shop of its unique kind in the region.

Design and Engineering Project Management Forging Fabrication CNC and Manual Machining Laser Cutting Custom Finishing Installations 3D Modeling


Our team possesses decades of combined experience in working in a wide array of mediums, from the most common to the most complex.

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Throughout his career as an artist and blacksmith, Warren Holzman has designed and created many noteworthy commercial and public works both locally and around the globe. A master craftsman with a passion for education, Warren teaches metal forging at Bryn Athyn College — where he has also executed an array of historically sympathetic new metalwork for Glencairn Museum and Bryn Athyn Cathedral.

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