What I did last summer, in a few snapshots.

Friday, September 02, 2011

It has been one busy summer, its almost a blur. I figure I would post a few snapshots of the things I actually took pictures of. Honestly it's less than half of the thing we made.... Sooner or later I will get serious about documentation.



I built some gates and then installed them in front of a school. ( they still dont know they're there.


Forged steel side tables.  yup.




Plenty of bed head with our BFF Eli Jones.


A custom hydraulic caulk extruder for an artist to use while creating great art!


I made some fire place doors for the first time in my 15 year carreer. Oh yeah, and some tools too.


I broke my collarbone again. This time they put in some stainless steel.  One day I will quit bike racing but until then... they will keep adding metal.


I built some column brackets for my super roof trusses.


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