Holzman Iron Studio is a Philadelphia-based team of artists and designers led by a noted blacksmith and visual artist. Custom architectural ironwork, public art, and sculpture are created in our unique fabrication environment, combining Old World craftsmanship with the latest in technology.

April 19 | @ironstudio
Upset bronze foot. I love the way this material's surface takes a hammer. #ironstudio
April 14 | @ironstudio
Guns out, tongues out. #pig #repousse #bronze #ironstudio
April 03 | @ironstudio
Trying to take these die forgings to the next level with some surface stamping. This is our prototype on the second heat just crisping up the embellishment. This piece just keeps getting weirder. #ironstudio #forging #scultpure
April 01 | @ironstudio
Redistribution of Mass. #ironstudio #forging #sculpture
March 30 | @ironstudio
These kinds of projects are my favorite, it's almost like stealth craftwork. Clean, unembellished lines, no extraneous ornamentation other than the application of a traditional joinery plan and at first glance you might miss it entirely because of the subtlety. #ironstudio
March 24 | @ironstudio
Today parts. Parts is progress. #ironstudio #forging


Iron Studio’s capable team of artisans — armed with all of the essential tools in our well-equipped facilities — can expertly handle any project from design to fabrication and installation. Providing a unique mix of architectural ironwork, public art, sculpture, and retail, Iron Studio is the most experienced and skilled shop of its unique kind in the region.

Design and Engineering Project Management Forging Fabrication CNC and Manual Machining Laser Cutting Custom Finishing Installations 3D Modeling


Our team possesses decades of combined experience in working in a wide array of mediums, from the most common to the most complex.

Carbon Steel Alloy Steels Stainless Steel Bronze Exotic Metals Monel Inconel Nickel 500


Throughout his career as an artist and blacksmith, Warren Holzman has designed and created many noteworthy commercial and public works both locally and around the globe. A master craftsman with a passion for education, Warren teaches metal forging at Bryn Athyn College — where he has also executed an array of historically sympathetic new metalwork for Glencairn Museum and Bryn Athyn Cathedral.

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